The Greatest Musical Ever

If you have not the opportunity to see The Lion King broadway musical you have to find a way to attend.  The production was unbelievable and the artistry of props and [...]

CodeSwitch: Hacking for Change

  This past weekend I was the emcee for a great event that brought many people together to solve problems within our community using technology.  The event was [...]

My Innovation Project for Work

At work I challenged my team to come up with ideas that they could implement to make their jobs better, make their business partners' jobs better, and to make the [...]

The Day I Met Prince

I moved to Minnesota in 2011 after 9/11 and was in a MARS music store on Snelling Avenue, St. Paul, when I was approached by a guy named Walter Chancellor Jr.  Walter [...]


Today I got up and went to the gym.  I hated it.  I hated it some more.  Then I got over myself. You see all the cars and the people walking in and out.  This was going [...]

How an Organic Burger Opened The Door of Opportunity

  Tre, Michael, Naomi and I were at the Mall of America last night hanging out. We tried a burger joint that was supposed to be organic and fresh called Burger [...]

Driver Mode for Cell Phones – No Texting and Driving

  I was watching the "Where Are They Now" show on the OWN network the other night and they featured a young lady who was injured in an accident due to texting and [...]

Having a Producer vs Consumer Mindset

  I recently attended an event that focused on increasing diversity in the tech space here in the Twin Cities and within our nation comprehensively.  During the event [...]

You Are Not a Success Unless You Have a Successor

On Sunday morning I heard the quote " you are not a success unless you have a successor."  My first thought was to go to Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, the famous CEOs of Apple. [...]

Despite Your Age Be Bold and Significant

My wife and I got the chance to speak at church during the morning service this past weekend to our young adults.  It was Youth Sunday and our pastor asked us to talk [...]