Business Brilliant – A Great Read

One of my favorite books is Business Brilliant: Surprising Lessons from the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons.  It is based on researching the habits and patterns of entrepreneurs and successful businessmen.  The author mentioned a LEAP approach (Learning, Earning, Assistance, Persistence) as he interview and analyzed some of the greatest business minds.  Here are some of the key points from the book:


1.  Write down your goals (10 year goals then break them down to yearly targets, quarterly targets, and monthly targets)

2.  Commit to what you do best (write down what I do exceptionally well each day – reduce the list to 3 things and provide 3 statements of evidence of why these things are true

3.  Follow the money (get in the line of money – look at what I do exceptionally well and develop a list of occupations that make the most money doing those things – look for partnerships and equity stakes in these opportunities)

4.  Climb the money ladder (build the ladder with premium pricing, project pricing, percentage pricing and proprietor pricing – find projects that fall in these areas)


5.  Run the numbers (what will it cost to play – entry fees?  what will it cost to stay – operating fees?  how high is the ceiling – upside?  how hard is the floor – downside?  how big is the cherry on top – the cheese?  Do this pro forma to see if it is worth doing)

6.  Protect your bottom line – minimum reward and maximum risk

7.  Press your advantage – with clear understanding of your goals – know the bottom line of the other guy as well – figure out the issues before you sit down to negotiate

8.  Plan the divorce in advance – plan for the worst first so you have an out clause that protects your bottom line


9.  Keep your network small and focused – rank the top six you are closest to that can help you

10.  Manage your network upward – nodal networking – create folders with information on them and how they can help you

11.  Build a team – calculate the minimum value you could create if someone else was doing the task – find someone to do it for not a penny more – get creative

12.  Get A Coach – you could source the nodal network for this or do an extensive search


13.  Make friends with failure – study the failures and learn from them –

14.  Keep your changes to yourself – when rebounding from failure look at changing yourself not others

15.  Try, try, try again – iterate

16.  Don’t Procrastinate – procrastination is largely fed by the fear of failure – to feed the money

17.  Make your our luck – associate with people that are making their own luck

It is a great read so pick up your copy at this link: © 2023. All Rights Reserved.