Gear Upgrades

Everyone loves toys.  I know for guys it could be the latest TV, video game console, or electronic product.  Some will say their boat, motorcycle, and/or their grill are their favorite things.

For me, I love when I can upgrade my studio setup so I can write more music, create software, make new videos, or just have fun veggin’ out on YouTube.

Here is my new set up:

A pair of M-Audio BX5 monitors ( – these monitors are workhorses and with their small footprint I am able to put them on my desk.  These guys were $79 – half of their original $149 list price.  They couldn’t stay at the store.

Audio Technica AT2035 Condenser Microphone ( – this microphone was a steal and has a great sound for the price.  It think you can pick one up around $149.

A Focusrite 2i4 USB Audio Interface ( – I had to get this device because my computer only has 2 USB ports available and I didn’t want to waste a port on a MIDI connection.  This device does the audio and the the MIDI for me in one unit requiring one USB connection to the computer.  Sweet.

2 Dell 27″ Monitors – these have been great since I’ve had them set up like I like.  It great to have software running and you can see all the aspects of what’s going on.

Logitech 920 HD Webcam ( – since I’m also doing some online teaching and coaching I thought I would add a better camera to the mix of gear I had.  This camera is really sharp and crisp so I can produce high quality videos.

MacBook Pro ( – I’ve had my Macbook Pro now for 4 years and it continues to work well for me.  This thing is a tank.

Reason 9.2 ( – I’ve been using Reason since version 2.5 and I love this piece of software.  I do all my recording and producing with it and it meets my needs now that they have the Rack extensions where you can get 3rd party plugins to add tools to your palette.

There you go – that’s my gear list.  Am I missing anything?

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