Supporting Businesses Started By Friends and Family

Lately I haven’t had time to focus on my writing like I have wanted.  I’m working on several course development projects at the same time, but having fun completing the work.

I wanted to get a quick post out related to supporting friends and family that start businesses.  I’ve been a strong supporter of people starting a venture and getting it off the ground – especially in my community and in my church.  The church seems to be one of the places where there is a lot of untapped potential to make serious economic progress.   Eventually, I would like to dedicate some time to provide some expertise and tools for anyone that wants to get started on building something great.

If you know of someone that is starting a business do your best to support them.  I have a friend that started a real estate business that I’m telling everyone about so hopefully it turns into some business for her.  There is a guy in my church that owns a technology business that I want people to know about so they can support him.  I think if everyone stopped for a moment and thought about it, they would realize there is someone they know that owns a store, a salon, or something worth investing in.

There is a saying that goes “The ship you might be waiting on to come in may be the ship you need to build.”  If you find someone out there building a ship, put a few dollar in their hand to encourage them to keep going.

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