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A Proven 3-Step Framework to Unlock Your Full Potential with OKRs in Personal Development

The OKR framework is a powerful tool to help achieve great results within companies. Many have adopted this approach for their strategic goal-setting process and performance management system. The system doesn’t have to stop with organizations. You can use it for your own growth and to achieve results.

There are 3 steps you need to follow in order to create a great OKR for your own personal development:

1. Clear and measurable objectives

I have a clear objective for the Ship 30-for-30 program I joined. It was to become a better writer. But that wasn’t enough to be a good OKR. A better-stated objective is “To increase my ability to produce and publish content on all my social media platforms consistently.”

2. Specific and actionable key results

Now I can write the results that will help me measure my progress. The program requires that you write a 250-word post every day. Also, it is recommended that you set aside a specific time to write consistently. So my key results are 30 pieces of published content.

3. Time-bound deadline

It is not a smart goal if it doesn’t have a deadline or time limit. We have 30 days to publish 30 pieces of content. We are required to publish 1 piece of content each day. I’ll state the results like this: publish 1 piece of content per day by 12pm for the next 30 days.

That’s it. I think I have all the pieces to have a good OKR. Now I need to keep shipping to make it happen.

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