Make The Best You Have the Best There Is

I was going through my Twitter feed the other day and I saw someone paraphrase the title of this post.  After processing the theme of this title it made sense to me to understand what was really going on that would make someone say these words.

The only thing I can think of is a video I saw of Chris Gardener (“Pursuit of Happiness”) explaining the definition of world class to someone.  He basically said when someone recognizes you as the best at what you do then you begin to be regarded in way more than the average person.


How do you take what you have and make it the best there is?

First, you have to believe in yourself and believe that your God-given gifts can transform your life and the lives of others into what they should be.  In order to become world class at anything, you have to believe you can become world class.  Start with the understanding that you are uniquely qualified to do something special.  Then find what that unique ability is and go do it.

Second, once you understand your gifts and what you have to offer the world, you have to study what you do and make a commitment to become better at it.  It is easy to become complacent when something you do comes easy.

You may even think you don’t have to sharpen your skills.  Let me tell you – there are several companies that have gone out of business because new innovative startups came on the scene and took market share from the incumbents.   You have to keep innovating and reinventing yourself to stay relevant but start with learning all you can about your craft.

Then you have to tell everyone what it is that you do and see if you can help someone else be successful.  If you are able to do that then the people you help will tell others.  Those people will tell others.  Then those people will tell others.  That is how you start building your reputation and personal brand in your industry – by providing value to enough people to get them talking about you.

You want to have your name associated with the solution to a problem that a lot of people have.  I am an adjunct instructor at 2 universities because I love teaching at that level and I love explaining complex IT-related topics to students.  Because of what I teach I get asked a lot of questions about computers, IT, startups, and technology in general.  I’ve done interviews for the news, I’ve been featured in magazines, and I continue to demystify complex topics in this space for my students.  I’m working on being world class in the classroom, at my job as an IT manager, and in life as a dad and husband.

What is your gift?  What is the one thing you have that everyone wants?  What is the very thing that if you don’t provide it to the world the world will continue to suffer?  That is the thing that you have to work at and put effort into so that you can produce a world class product and become a world class solution that everyone is aware.





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