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The 1 Software Tool/App I Can’t Live Without For Doing Brainstorming

Today, there is an app, website, or software platform for just about anything (including finding someone to walk your dog).

But when it comes to brainstorming there is 1 app I can’t live without:


And here’s why:

  • This is the best mindmapping software out there.Mindmapping is a nonlinear way of coming up with ideas. Everything doesn’t have to flow in a straight line. This tool helps you be providing a digital way to capture your ideas visually.
  • You can export to different formatsYou can create a mindmap for a project and then export the information to a spreadsheet or a project plan. You can create a mindmap for a book and then export it out to a document for Microsoft Word or Google Docs. This makes the tool very flexible and useful.
  • You can collaborate with team members as you brainstormThere are collaboration features that allow you to brainstorm with a team. Working with others in a digital way allows you to capture great ideas.

If you want a tool to help you be creative, can export your work to your favorite tools, and can help you collaborate with your team better, I can’t recommend using this app enough. Check it out at today.

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