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You Don’t Need A Lot To Start A Business

A lot of people who should start and operate a business don’t because they think they need a lot of stuff to do it. They think they need a lot of equipment, a lot of money, a lot of people, and a lot of office space to just start.

You can start your business with a laptop, a cell phone, and your energy

I started my executive search practice from scratch a few years ago with no office, no staff, and no outside investment. I had my energy, expertise, and vision. 3 years later I have served over 23 companies by helping them find directors, vice presidents, and CEOs. I have a brick-and-mortar office and a virtual one. I have an executive assistant now and part-time staff.

You don’t need all of the things you think you need to get started.

Figure out the problem you want to solve and find the least expensive way to solve it for your market

Ask yourself “What problem can I solve and who will pay me to solve that problem?” Then develop the solution for them and give it to them.

Creating a service is the easiest thing to start. See what kind of service you can create with your gifts and talents.

Tip #1: Find a problem to solve with a service. You were designed to solve a problem on this planet. That is why you exist so figure out what that problem is and how you would solve it.

Tip #2: Create a website to advertise your service. Someone said if you launch a perfect website then you waited too long. Get something out there and iterate its development as you learn. Use Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, or some other platform to create a home for your venture.

Tip #3: Find one customer and deliver your service. Your goal is to find someone to pay for your offering. If you can’t find someone to pay then find someone to give it to so you can figure out how to make it better. Then you can charge someone else once it is better.

Tip #4: Tell everyone you did it and do it again. Mark Cuban, the billionaire Shark Tank investor, said you only have to be right once. When you get a paying customer, then you can market your service to others and use that success story as a part of your advertising. Now you are in on your way to building your business.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need everything in place to start your venture. Start it, learn as you go, get things as you go, and continue to refine it until it looks like your vision.

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