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1 Big Mistake I Made When I Was First Getting Started In Podcasting

Like most beginners, I made a lot of mistakes when I first started podcasting

But this was the biggest one, by far:

Not Planning So I Could Continue Making Podcast Episodes

Here’s what happened:

I’m a musician and I have all kinds of audio gear. I recorded my own music and distributed it on the internet (CDBaby, iTunes, Tunecore, etc.)

I got into podcasting because all I had to do to get started was record my voice talking about stuff. So that is what I did.

My first podcast was called “The DEJ Show” and I made about 17 episodes which wasn’t bad. Then things happened and I stopped podcasting.

Then I made another podcast called “The Now Narrative” where I interviewed people about starting a business. That went well for about 13 episodes and I got great feedback.

Now I’m thinking about jumping back into it but I want to make sure I can keep doing it so it gains traction.

The biggest mistake I made was not planning the podcast well so I could keep making episodes. I did better with the second podcast but I should have planned out an entire season first before launching.

My biggest takeaway is I need to plan the episodes better and way in advance so I can have a good workflow going and have episodes ready to go before they are published. I also need to explore my niche a little more to make sure there are enough topics and guests that I can interview.

This is why I encourage everyone to see their mistakes (and “failures”) as necessary steps along the path. There is always a lesson to be learned. I’m planning to make a new podcast in 2024 so I will use what I learned to be consistent this time around.

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