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1 Tip I Would Give Someone Who Wanted To Get Started Working In Executive Search

Do you want to get started working in executive search and recruiting? Do you want to own your own business one day?

I have been working exclusively in this space for almost 3 years now. And what I can tell you from starting an executive search practice during the pandemic is that in order to work in this industry you need to have a professional network for getting business, a great mindset to enter the industry, and opportunities to execute and learn from that activity.

Here’s 1 tip I would give you if you wanted to pursue a similar career path:

Learn How To Sell

I don’t know how you feel about the word “sales” but I learned early in my career that nothing happens without a sale. What you don’t realize is that you already have this skill buried deep inside of you. If you have had to convince someone to do something you made a sale. If you pleaded with Mom or Dad for that shiny toy or Xbox and they got it for your birthday you made a sale.

Sales is simply persuading someone to accept your ideas or way of doing things. That’s it. You have to learn how to communicate your ideas so that others first are willing to listen and then ready to accept them.

The best way to get started is to first learn to listen. Then learn how to communicate ideas from what you hear. Then you learn how to overcome obstacles to your ideas. Then you are on your way to becoming a better salesperson.

In recruiting it is a two-sided sale. You have to sell the candidate on the role and you have to sell the client on the fact you can find the person for the role. Sales is very important in this industry and many others as well.

Today take another look at sales. It will benefit you and your career.

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