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A Proven 5-Step Framework for Older Workers to Future-Proof Their Careers in the Age of Technology and AI

The growth of generative AI has spooked a lot of people.

Many are afraid of losing their jobs and their ability to make a living for their families. Others have a technophobia and don’t want to deal with emerging innovations. AI is here to stay and we all need to embrace the change.

Here are 5 critical areas for older workers to work on to stay competitive and relevant:

1. Continuous learning and upskilling to stay relevant.

Don’t stop learning and don’t let a job define what you can do.

The Internet is full of information and knowledge you can harvest. Search for topics that are relevant to your passions and interests. Take free classes on YouTube and other educational platforms to keep your skills current.

2. Critical thinking and problem-solving to identify areas for automation.

The best skill you can develop regardless of industry is how to solve problems. Improving your critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills is key to being a valuable asset and a thought leader. Being able to make constant improvements increases your marketability for sure.

3. Adaptability and flexibility to embrace new technologies.

My pastor said, “Those that are flexible do not get bent out of shape.” Don’t let AI and technology bend you out of shape. The best way to do that is to learn to adapt. Those who can will thrive in new environments and make progress.

4. Emotional intelligence to navigate changing work dynamics.

Learning to not take things personally is a tremendous skill. Improving your emotional intelligence helps you be heard and seen in a different way. You will be able to build trust and form new relationships that will help you in your work environment.

5. Collaboration and teamwork to work alongside automated systems.

Collaboration is part of the playbook. Working with others to achieve a shared goal shows how you fit into the puzzle. When a piece is missing everyone knows so be that valuable piece of the workplace puzzle.

Hopefully, these tips will help you figure out your next steps and how to navigate this new world we are all entering. Don’t let AI and technology control you. Get into the game and make great things happen

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